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I served as the Christian Heritage Party candidate in York-Simcoe, during the 2004, 2006 and 2008 Canadian federal elections. I have been nominated by the CHP York Simcoe riding association to serve again as candidate in the next federal election.
CHP Canada offers innovative solutions to the problems that our country faces today. Whether it's the debt load which we have placed on future generations of Canadians; the deterioration of our basic rights due to human rights tribunals and conflicting worldviews; or moral issues such as abortion and the breakdown of our families;  CHP Canada faces our problems because they must be faced in order to be solved.
Canadians have a right to expect those whom they've elected to represent them, to actually represent them. In York Simcoe concern over Bill C389, called the "Bathroom Bill", prompted many letters to our MP Peter Van Loan. Peter Van Loan chose not to vote on this issue, allowing it to slide through the House of Commons. If our Senate does not block this Bill then public washrooms in Canada become a dangerous place for women and children.  
There will be no way of knowing the difference between the gender confused man in the public women's washroom and the sexual predator in the public women's washroom.
Where was our representation when our MP chose not to vote on this Bill?
I'm asking the electorate of York Simcoe to send a clear message to the Conservative Party. Their refusal to take a stand on important issues will not be tolerated. 
In the next general election, vote for truly conservative government... fiscal accountability, debt reduction, moral values, strong families and protection of our fundamental rights.
In the next federal election vote Vicki Gunn, candidate for CHP Canada
If elected, I will serve the people of York-Simcoe with energy, imagination and integrity.

Vicki Gunn - Candidate

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